cape story

The story of CAPE, is the story of a group young audiophiles, bound together by their love of music and their desire to make a difference.

On February 15th, 2015, in a quiet café in Fremont, CA, CAPE was born, with one goal in mind: to shape the future of audio. Personal audio may not have substantively changed in our lifetimes, but we were going to make sure it did.

Our task began by finding the world’s best acoustic scientists and engineers to collaborate with. When the ITIWANT Group, China’s foremost technology incubator, reached out to us, we knew they had the resources to make our dreams a reality. They introduced us to Professor Xiaojun Qiu, who became the chief scientist at CAPE. With our vision and his knowledge, there was nothing we couldn’t accomplish.

After months of rigorous design, testing, and tuning, our vision of creating a seismic change in personal audio - a Rebellion against the status quo - has nally become a reality.

The Rebellion is here. Rebellion 3D Headphones are what you might call a game- changer; a loud, boisterous rebel that will shake the world of personal audio to its very foundation with a 3D listening experience unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Once we bring The Rebellion to the world, we are setting our sights on the development of a headset speci cally designed for gamers.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing our fellow Rebels out in the world, enjoying the audio revolution. 

about itiwant

ITIWANT was founded in Fremont, CA with the purpose of developing smart products that enhance people’s quality of life. Our obligation to our customers reflects an underlying design philosophy of placing equal importance on conceptualization and actualization: generate the best ideas and execute them in the most effective ways possible. 

technical support  |cOOLHEAR 

COOLHEAR Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one electro-acoustic technology oriented  high-end brand which serves global customers by providing 3D audio effect solutions including 3D music recording and play, 3D game sound effect, 3D audio field interactive product, holographic sound field dubbing, 3D TV audio effect and next generation smart home audio.

cTO—Xiaojun Qiu

Xiaojun Qiu is a world-famous audio and acoustic expert who has served as the associate chief editor of Journal of The Audio Engineering Society (JAES), and as the director of The International Congress of Sound and Vibration. He has achieved many accomplishments in the fields of digital audio and intellectual noise reduction, and has published many articles in academic journals such as The Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America, and Journal Of Sound and Vibration.