Listen to 3D VR Audio Through Your Headphones

Recently, Google announced a new open source project called ‘OMNITONE’. This open source project brings us new meaning to ‘surround sound’. For this project, Google thinks it is ”a key element for an immersive virtual reality experience”. It is the spatial audio with exactly placed sound in 3D space.


This new platform ‘OMNITONE’ allows you to actually hear things from where they come in virtual reality. 


So if someone is playing a violin behind you in VR, you'll hear the audio coming from that direction in your headphones. As you turn toward the source, the sound will change and grow louder as it would if you were really there. 


Google provided the following graphic to show how the technology works:





Google Omnitone graphic

Graphic showing how Google's new open source, spatial audio software works.

Now, CAPE Rebellion, powered by Coolhear, is a combination of advanced technologies. It incorporates the most advanced Spatial audio and Spatial-active noise canceling technology to give you the most realistic sound experience.


COOLHEAR is an electro-acoustic, technology oriented high-end solution provider that serves customers globally by providing spatial audio effect solutions. Fields that we work in include 3D music recording and play, 3D gaming and sound effects, 3D audio field interactive products, holographic sound eld dubbing, 3D TV audio effects, and next generation smart home audio. 

Coolhear’s CTO Xiaojun Qiu is a world-famous audio and acoustic expert who has served as the associate chief editor of Journal of The Audio Engineering Society (JAES), and as the director of The International Congress of Sound and Vibration. He has achieved many accomplishments in the fields of digital audio and intellectual noise reduction, and has published many articles in academic journals such as The Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America, and Journal Of Sound and Vibration. 


Right now, Google has two demo videos that you definitely need to try out for yourself. Listen your way through a violinist’s journey or watch many performers celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Either way, follow your ears. Remember to put on your headphones.

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