Best Bluetooth headphones for iPhone 7, aptX™ is the secret weapon.

Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack in such a decisive and perceptive fashion. It has a huge impact on 99% of the ordinary users who play their music on iPhone. This inevitably put them in a predicament where the freedom of plug-n-play is deprived by an extra piece of dangle. 

In a further irony, this is perceived by majority of the people as a way to improve the sound quality, which, however, has scarcely been brought up in the launch event. AirPods, which is supposed to be the great accessory for iPhone 7, doesn’t seem to be a good idea for the users who can hardly keep track of their iPhone in the first place. 

We can not jump to the conclusion yet about whether it’s wise to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack. But it is inexorable to enter the era of wireless headphones in the future, and the critical problem we are facing has escaped our attention—the sound quality loss over bluetooth!

The guardian angel for bluetooth—aptX™ is born to this end! What on earth is aptX™? Let us illustrate it over a metaphor. If compare the headphones to a man, the bluetooth chip is his heart, and aptX™ is his articulation. It is a significant index on how smoothly and clearly his voice is transmitted, and how swiftly and explicitly his words are delivered to the audience. 

Let us gain some insights into aptX™ from the technical point of view. 

  • Bluetooth technology relates to a term “bit rate”. It is calculated as the the number of bits transmitted per second, and the unit is bps (Bit Per Second). While transmitting an audio file, the higher the bit rate is, the faster the file is transmitted, hence the less time the transmission takes.        
  • In terms of bluetooth technology, the bit rate is limited to the maximum band width available, therefore it is not suitable to transmit high-quality audio. aptX™ significantly decreases the bit rate by re-coding and decoding (AAC) the audio to speed up the transmission, while remaining the sound quality unscathed and inducing no transmission delay. It enables bluetooth stereo listening experience make a revolutionary leap. 

aptX™ has been the secret weapon in music industry for years. It has grown to be the hardcore of the most advanced apparatus produced by the world’s leading brands such as Sony, Samsung, Vizio and Panasonic, and it is often adopted in the optimal bluetooth headphones, of which the price is not so affordable. 

CAPE 3D headphones integrates state-of-the-art bluetooth 4.2 to achieve high-resolution transmission through aptX™ which is built in the CSR chip, thus satisfy iPhone 7 users and music enthusiasts with wireless Hi-Fi sound quality, content video game, VR and home theater fanatics with 3D audio effect, and fulfill businessmen with Hi-Di calls of digital noise-canceling and wind-noise resistance. Moreover, the audio cable that comes with CAPE can be used with other front-end devices as well, and its worry-free universal compatibility allows you to readily enjoy the supreme sound quality experience in any condition, whether it is sporting, recreation or working.


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