Dear Backers and Friends,

With your collective support, our CAPE Rebellion 3D Bluetooth headphones campaign has raised almost $80,000 on Indiegogo. In appreciation of your generosity, we are now revealing the potential new colors for CAPE Rebellion up to your decisions! You have until Sep. 19th to make your choice and vote for your favorite color. In return, we will randomly pick one of the lucky voters as the winner of a free new color CAPE Rebellion. We will announce the final result of the most voted new color on Sep. 20th as a new perk added to our campaign on Indiegogo. Share this exhilarating giveaway with your friends on social media as well!

You could also get a free CAPE Rebellion by attending our referral program. Refer our Indiegogo campaign link to more people to higher your chance of getting CAPE Rebellion headphones for free! Like us on Facebook to stay tuned!




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