HOW WE CREATED Rebellion 3D Headphones

As humans, we are designed for a three dimensional world, and we hear in three dimensions too. That’s why we can perceive sound from all around us, like the crash of the ocean or the pop of a rework. But every time you put on a pair of headphones you lose this ability. Why? It is because traditional headphone technology restricts the field of sound, diminishes audio quality, and lessens your listening experience.

Now, imagine headphones that could return to you the experience of hearing in three dimensions. You could listen to anything you want the way it was meant to be heard. This is the reason why we have developed the Rebellion 3D Headphones. Together, using the cutting edge of audio technology, we will bring about a revolution in the experience of sound. 






      Humans have two ears. So, theoretically we should only be able to tell if the sound is coming from the left of the right; however, our ears have evolved, allowing us to detect the source of sounds coming from all around us. Rebellion 3D Headphones mimic the way the human ear canal works to recreate a three dimensional environment for listening.
      Analyzing and categorizing thousands of audio recordings, an algorithm was created which successfully simulates the human ear. This is done by loading the quantified digital sound field onto the Digital Signal Processor chip within the headphones. The effect of this DSP chip is that listening on the Rebellion 3D Headphones is like listening to a surround sound home theater. The experience is increased by the Head Related Transfer Function that transforms two dimensional audio into a 360 degree sphere of sound. By combining the DSP chip and HRTF technology, you get to enjoy three dimensional sound wherever and whenever you want.



convert audio from 2d to personalized 3d


Rebellion 3D Headphones will ship with a companion app designed by world-class specialists in 3D soundstage interaction to enrich your music so you can experience it in a whole new way. We put our full arsenal of 3D Audio Technology and HRTF (head-related transfer function) algorithms at our specialists’ disposal, and the result was a program that can convert 2D audio into 360°, top-down, and spherical 3D effects so rich you can only grasp them by experiencing them for yourself.

best headphone soundstage for 3d


The Rebellion 3D Headphones’ advanced technology is not only represented in
its digital aspect, but in its structural design as well. Rather than having a typical,  at headphone, the Rebellion 3D Headphone has a Three Dimensional Acoustic Chamber design; the optimal soundstage for three dimensional sound. Two distinctive features define the acoustic chamber. 


Honeycomb Acoustic Chamber

The first of these features is the acoustic chamber’s patented honeycomb design that dramatically reduces the distortion caused by standing sound waves and further removes ambient noise. 

Angled Speaker Design

Angled speaker design is the second of these features. These angled speakers are ergonomically designed to sit parallel to the listener’s aural surface, creating a wider horizontal soundscape with incredibly clear sound and diminished distortion in the high and mid range frequencies.


100% immersion to 3d



    A key characteristic of the Rebellion 3D Headphone is its Digital Noise Canceling ability. Traditional headphones use “white noise” to drown out background noise. This “white noise” distorts your audio quality and interferes with your listening experience. “White Noise” has been eliminated from Rebellion 3D Headphones by use of a Digital Signal Processor. The Digital Signal Processor monitors background noise in real time, and adjusts output to cancel out background noise with the existing sound waves of whatever you are listening to. This Adaptive Noise Canceling provides you with the most highest fidelity listening experience while muting all exterior sounds. It also rids you of the irritating ringing in your ears caused by “white noise.” 




Power Purification Technology, background noise clean

Thermal design

Rebellion 3D Headphones provide not only the highest quality listening experience, but the most comfortable as well. The earpieces are padded with bicast leather cushioning, and the headband is ned tuned to exert the perfect amount of force. These features allow you to listen better for longer. 



        When using wireless Bluetooth technology and noise canceling headphones, your listening experience can often feel distant and tinny. Rebellion 3D Headphones solve this problem by using audio adjusting and digital balancing to deliver the highest fidelity audio experience. To refine this experience, a sound technician was retained to specifically tune the Voice Coil Stability system. The system improves upon traditional coil arrangements by buffering the voice coil, keeping it from vibrating against the inside of the speakers, giving you only the purest sound.